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Neon Fever Dream LP

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A futuristic, feverish dream; that is Neon Fever Dream, the latest album by Compact Disk Dummies. On their second LP, the West Flemish MIA winners Lennert and Janus Coorevits dream of holograms, drones, drugs, heat and loneliness. To then wake up and pull open the curtains and realize that fiction does not exist. Neon Fever Dream is the coming-of-age of the Dummies and transforms the confusion of our time into a dark, menacing, but oh so danceable pop record. For the artwork of Neon Fever Dream, Compact Disk Dummies in collaboration with photographer Athos Burez, constructed a miniature village with sinking houses. Andres Algaba did the mixing on the new album and Luuk Cox (Shameboy) was onboard as the co-producer. Add to that a host of female background vocals, jazzcats Mattias De Craene (saxophone) and Elias Devoldere (drums) in the opening track ’On Repeat’, and the temperature rises until you are delirious with fever and are startled awake at night by the drones, the heat and the hologram: ’But we will never fall apart. There’s a life.’